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January 06, 2014

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Setting a side the obvious question, should I use a carousel? Every 6 months or so the same old question pops-up on Twitter, what's the best / current in-use slider?

So here's a list of sliders I've used, all recommended.

OWL Carousel

My favourite as it has lots of features and isn't too big if you're already using jQuery.

  • Touch enabled
  • jQuery
  • Drag
  • Responsive
  • 41.8 KB minified


Old but still good. Newer version has some fancy effect, small and lightweight.

  • jQuery
  • 19 KB minified


In an effort to make some money, carouFredSel is now a paid plugin for WordPress but the JS code is open source.

  • jQuery
  • 53.5 KB minified

Some of the others


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